• Villa Amira Complex

    MYKONOS Tourlos

    BEDS: 1 | GUESTS: 34
    Upon Request

    This wonderful villa Complex Amira is located on the West side of Mykonos Island, in the beautiful area of Tourlos and provides a unique panoramic view of the island and the endless turquoise of the Aegean Waters. Its beneficial location offers a terrific sunset view and a distinctive natural beauty of Mykonos which is harmonized with the ancient island of Delos right across the villa. Needless to mention that hundreds of lights of the night sky combined with the stars create a magical experience for the new residents.

    The elegant villas and the stylish suites, are exceptionally designed to exude the unparallel aesthetic of Mykonos, the unique cultural identity of the island and to give out a sense of luxury and finesse. Build upon the frame of simple Cycladic architectural style but with a modern twist to be ideal for all Mykonos lovers. The interior is decorated in a graceful and astonishing way that combines the mesmerizing island aesthetic with balanced influences of the contemporary Mykonos style. The two individual villas are able to offer the most unforgettable experiences of Mykonos magical lifestyle.

    A perfect rare blend of natural beauty, serenity, relaxation, and comfort, ready to seduce the new residents. The superb villas are spacious and well equipped with the most well-designed and remarkable appliances in order to exceed their expectations. Complex Amira’s elegant outdoor spaces will transfer its new residents in a new state of relaxation and enjoyment of the private villa and the endless blue sea view, making it ideal for people who desire a more private setting with ultimate comfortable experience throughout the year.

    Upon Request